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As the Foundation embarks on increasing its scope, we are developing various inter-organizational Working Groups. Each Working Group (Finance, Mentorship, Events, Marketing & Outreach, Editorial, Engagement, etc.) will need Princeton Foundation Resident Interns who will report directly to the Lead of that Working Group. This person will also interact with other leaders of the foundation, and members of different Working Groups.


Ever since the Princeton Foundation was established, it has been growing exponentially. This would not have been possible without the young ambassadors, who help with the day to day tasks of the organization like spreading awareness through social media, writing blogs, updating our website, raising funds, etc. 

Our society has devolved into a focus on “I, me and myself” rather than on the betterment of the whole world, not realizing that after all, the world is one family. 

When the pandemic struck the world, a lot of hope was lost. Everyone became derailed from their normal lives, got locked up in their houses and worst of all even died from the horrible virus. Nevertheless, the Princeton foundation responded by generating philanthropic support from various companies and donors including Harvard Medical School. We were able to ship thousands of pounds of medical supplies to India helping save the lives.

Our hope is to expand our philanthropic endeavors all around the world, and we look forward to join hands in order to achieve this mission. Remember, even saving a single life makes you an angel.

Princeton Foundation is now accredited to confer President's Volunteer Service Award to its volunteers recognizing your vauable contributions. Become part of our mission and sign up today!

Adityavikram Pathak


President 2019-2022

Young Ambassadors Program

Princeton Foundation Young Ambassador Program brings together like minded youth dreaming to make positive contributions in the world. ​We are the soldiers providing grass root support to the community endeavors in the chosen fields of Princeton Foundation locally and globally under the aegis of Princeton Foundation.

We seek to improve the amount and quality of educational information provided to young people and their families and enhance their awareness and participation in our efforts. 

The idea for Princeton Foundation Young Ambassador Program began back in 2011 as its parent foundation was being established. The program was officially first presented and discussed at the Hopewell Valley Central High School in USA. The idea of Young Ambassador Program received unanimous backing from those at the meeting and work began to make the idea a reality. From that meeting excitement spread and young people began offering their services in order to help expand the Young Ambassador Program. Many have taken enthusiastic responsibilities to help assist in the planning of the Young Ambassador projects. It took hard work, collaboration, communication, and determination to produce the end result of Princeton Foundation Young Ambassadors – an exciting, youthful organization to make the world a better place.

The Princeton Foundation Young Ambassador program is officially funded by the Princeton Foundation through various acts of fundraising which enables Young Ambassadors to create more support, educational information and opportunities for people around the world.

​Ameyavikram Pathak


President 2016-2019 

Young Ambassadors Program

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