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Princeton Foundation approach to Women Empowerment

Women’s literacy rates are significantly lower than men’s in most developing countries including India. To address this gap, Princeton Foundation has been rolling out several pograms in phased manner in alignment with the United Nation’s Girls Task Force vision -

  1. Educate girls: Ensure that girls have access to higher education and training, including secondary education, and pathways between formal and non-formal systems.

  2. Promote girl leaders: Ensure that girls gain economic and social skills and are from mentors and resources to enable them to participate in community life.

  3. Improve girls’ health: Ensure that girls have access to age-appropriate health and nutrition information and services, including STD prevention, and sexual and reproductive health.

  4. Keep girls free from violence: Prevent and protect girls from all forms of gender-based violence, abuse and exploitation, and ensure that vulnerable girls receive services and access to justice.

  5. Count girls: Collect, analyze, and use data on girl child to advocate for, develop and monitor evidence-based policies and programs that advance their well-being and realize their human rights

Princeton Foundation Women Empowerment: Vision and Mission 

Empowering every girl through holistic development to enable her to contribute towards the peace and wellbeing of the family, the nation and the world at large
Mission 2025: 
  - To support formal and vocational education
  - To facilitate entrepreneurship and employment
  - To promote health, and leadership

"Education is one of the most important means of empowering women with the knowledge, skills and self-confidence necessary to participate fully in the development process."

- ICPD Programme of Action, paragraph 4.2

Education is important for everyone, but educating girls and women is especially important because the women education can have ripple effects within the family and across generations. Investing in girls' education is one of the most effective ways to not only women empowerment but overall development of the society as a whole.

Around 200 Fellowships granted so far supporting college education of girl students 

59 winners in 2021-22 represent 11 states across India

Educated girls know their rights and are confident to claim them. Educated girls are likely to marry at a mature age and to have smaller and healthier families and are less likely to have mistimed or unintended births. Educated mothers influence their children's educational attainment, and the mother's education is usually more influential than the father's in this regard.

However, women’s literacy rates are significantly lower than men’s in most developing countries including India. Indian government provides low cost education up-to high school (12th grade) but college education, even though highly subsidized but still beyond the affordability of many families. If the families have to choose between the college education of sons and daughters, usually the sons get the priority. Many girls drop out of the college due to these socio economic reasons.

In order to reduce such gender disparities in education, Princeton Foundation initiated the Fellowship for Peace & Learning to support the college education of girls who have braved valiantly against all the hurdles to reach the top government colleges in India. 

We started the Fellowship for Peace & Learning in 2011 in India with a vision to expand the program globally and with a focus on Women Empowerment through Education. Now this program has expanded to national level in India.

Fellowship for Peace & Learning 2021-2022

We received overwhelming number of incredible applications for the fellowship. After an extensive multi step and meticulous selection process, we selected 59 winners, each of whom define the very concepts of excellence, resilience, and determination.  



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"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all." - Aristotle


Academic excellence, alone, can no longer assure success & happiness in a person's life & career. The latest research on well-being shows that it is important to grow holistically in order to live a fulfilling life. It connects our mind, body, and soul. The holistic development of a person includes mental, emotional, intellectual, physical, and social skills. 


Every human is born genius; ironically, only a few get to unleash their true potential. When the mind is filled with knowledge and wisdom and the heart is filled with virtues and values, humans get to unleash their highest potential to live a purpose-driven life.


We need a GPS or some help from a person who has previously walked the path to reach a destination, a place we have never been. Our mentorship program is meant to act as the GPS for aspiring individuals that are ready to shape the world.


Our unique personalized mentorship program is designed to nurture conscious leaders driven by values and virtues, Someone who has a compassionate heart and understands the depth of human connection .   Our mission/vision is to create leaders who can lead with purpose and uplift humanity with their love, compassion, and integrity.  


Our motive is to act as a lighthouse in the transition journey from people's current life to the dream life they wish to live by:

  • Defining the Hero journey and providing a roadmap 

  • Breaking the pattern of limiting beliefs and opening the world of possibilities 

  • Helping them foster a deeper sense of gratitude 

  • Providing them a fresh perspective of an abundant, happy, and purposeful life.

  • Guiding them to write their own story to create the pathway for many more to follow


The purpose of mentoring is to remind and ignite people's infinite potential at times when they can not see it themselves

M - Mindset shift

E - Emotional intelligence

N - Nurture and Navigate

T - Transition & Transform

O - Open Doors for Possibilities & Opportunities

R - Resilient Role Models for the World.

S - Success & Significance

H - Hero’s Journey

I - Inspire & Impact

P - Powerful, Passionate, Persistent, Positive, Purpose-driven Leader for the World

We, mentors, are here to be your guide, friend, and confidante.

Ms Jyotima Prasad 

Humanitarian and Grateful Life Coach

Princeton Foundation Mentorship Committee

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