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Planet Made of Plastic

The Princeton Foundation for Peace and Learning is a global organization underpinned with the belief that “World is One Family”.

Through evolution over eons, nature has bestowed upon humans the power to lead planet earth and freedom to utilize all the resources the world offers. With the power has come upon us the responsibility of the stewardship, sustenance, safety, well-being, and furtherance of the entire ecosystem we are part of. We are accountable to the planet we inhabit and ensuring the harmony, mutualism, and peaceful coexistence of all its components – humans, environment, flora, and fauna, because the health and well-being of each component defines that of the whole. 

We believe that we are not only responsible to the communities in which we live, but also to the entire world at large. With an inclusive approach, we respect the diversity of the planet and dignity of all its components. We strive to cultivate a sense of service, social accountability, meaning and purpose in humans by inculcating a global vision transcending the confines of humanity’s own ‘imagined realities’ such as race, religion, and nationality amongst others.

In summary, our credo extrapolates definition of health from that of an individual to the whole society - “Health of the planet is a state of complete well-being and not merely the absence of social and environmental issues. The enjoyment of the highest standard of life is a fundamental right of each human, and all species of flora, fauna, and environment without any distinction. As the most empowered species on the planet, it is the central accountability of us the humans, to ensure the same.

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