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How does education help us in the future?

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

By Simran Cheema

Education is the stepping stone to many of the opportunities around us. Opportunities to create connections, to learn about the world, growing in society and more. As a society, we undermine the value of education. Of course, everyone understands that education is important. But, not everyone knows to what extent. Now the question becomes, “To what extent does education help?” And, this is the question I will be answering in the upcoming paragraphs.

One of the reasons why education is so important is because it puts you in a secure position in your life. It provides stability, financial security and independence. Education is a simple key to accessing a certain form of income, and that income provides you with the freedom of deciding the path of your life and giving you the choice to choose what you want. You have the ability to decide where you live, where you want your career to be headed, or what you want for dinner. It is as simple as that. With education, you are likely to have a job that pays sufficient money to live a comfortable life, and not have to worry about how to manga until the next paycheck. You become independent, being able to trust yourself with the right decisions with your background of education and not having to depend on others for money.

As well, education provides a sense of security and stability. However, it also plays an important role in building important character traits needed to prosper in society. Education gives you a moral compass, by teaching you through experience and social interactions what is right versus the wrong. With education, you are able to build up your confidence as you are to form your own opinions and ideas without the help of others and have education to back your opinions and ideas. Lastly, you are more self-aware. When knowing how to read and interpret information around you, you are aware of your surroundings. For example, you are aware of your town’s new updates, the world news, or the events taking place in the park nearby. More importantly, you are more aware of the decision you make. You are able to understand what the document you are signing is asking of you or what event you are signing up for.

As well, education plays an important role in determining your future and outlook in the world. With education, you are able to expose yourself to different people with different cultures, learn about different cultures through literature and art. You learn more about the world around you, from History to LA. You will be out in the world with experience and background knowledge to understand and appreciate the many unique people and cultures around the world. When you are provided with education, you learn about how to learn through books and the web. By learning how to learn, you are able to answer your own questions. These skills are what helps keep individuals at a stepping stone to achieving their goals and growing in their career.

Finally, education doesn’t just help each of us, but it improves society. Countries with higher literacy rates have more economic growth, and their country is more economically accomplished than others with a lower literacy rate. As well, it creates a big difference. With everyone getting educated, it would promote gender equality as well as would protect our future generations. According to UNESCO, a child born to a mother that can read is 50 percent more likely to survive past the age of 5. With education, it would promote a society where everyone grows with knowledge.

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