RBG: An Advocate for Women's Rights Around the World

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, has made history for women across the world. She has fought for all and created a better world for everyone. She has made so many reforms upon the rights of women, same-sex marriage, healthcare and many more.. But, the most important changes she has made upon society was her fight for women. Now, I could go on and on about her achievements. But, here are her most prominent and important achievements for women.

Firstly, before, women were required to bring a male co-signer when signing for a credit card and mortgage. Imagine working for your first new house and finally buying it, but to sign the mortgage, you need a male signature to be finalized. But, Ginsburg has changed all the rules. In the Equal Credit Opportunity, she allowed women to not be required to bring a male co-signer. This paved the way for women, as they weren’t financially dependent upon men to make simple financial decisions. No more they did not need to have male figures have authority over their future and who they were to become.

Secondly, Ginsburg has led to advancements making footsteps in the right direction for equal pay between genders. In the case between Ledbetter v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber CoHer call to action for equal pay inspires further action from the public and congress. They were inspired to change the law and modify it to further strengthen equal pay protection. Due to her actions, we now are one step closer to reaching equal pay between men and women.

Lastly, she created a better workplace for pregnant women. She herself had to hide her pregnancy when teaching at a law school to not be treated differently due to her pregnancy. In 1972, Ginsburg argued for a pregnant woman who was being excluded in the Air Force due to her pregnancy. She changed the rules for what could be considered a disability and whether pregnancy is a viable reason to excuse someone out of work.

Overall, she changed the game for women. Out of all of her achievements, her biggest one is being a model for others of what it means to be a confident and smart leader and activist. She has inspired girls around the world, from future activists to girls going into the law field. Knowing that Ruth Bader Ginsburg could achieve such measures and change so much in the world of women, they know that they can reach the same height as she did and go further.


By Simran Cheema

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